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What Movie Should I Watch Tonight?

WMSIWT started when I realized I was tired of digging through sites like IMDB for new movies. The idea was to bring together loads of great movie trailers into one place and play them in a cinematic way to help you discover new movies.



Having a name as long as this means it needs an iconic mark which can stand alone from the full set of words. I decided to use the acronym of WMSIWT to symbolize the site. Most movie industry websites and logos use traditional film iconography or some junk like a filmstrip. I wanted to get away from everything to do with the status-quo movie world so I created a modern style typographic lock-up.




After finding there was potential with the prototype. I enlisted my friend Ian Bauer who also shared similar dissatisfaction with the presentation of movies online. We worked together to create a new version of the site where I designed a simple interface and Ian brought it to life in Flash. We submitted the site to the FWA and won for SOTD and continued to seed it out and optimize it for search. Many people have written in since the launch saying they enjoy the site and that they’ve used it to successfully find things out of their expectation.

wmsiwt2_1024xDefault state
wmsiwt3_1024xSide navigation
wmsiwt4_1024xHistory hover state
wmsiwt5_1024xAbout page


Poster series

The leading feature of the website is the category structure. Each category is based off an traditional one but morphed into its own word which is related to how we curate. For example, ‘action’ becomes ‘explosions’ since a majority of the trailers in this section have some kind of fireball. To help promote the site, I hand drew each category and then colored it using illustrator transforming it into a poster.

wmsiwt_finalposters2Blazing Guns
wmsiwt_finalposters8Scary Shit


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