Windows: I’m A PC-0

Windows: I’m A PC

The 2008 campaign to rebrand Windows and combat Apple’s bullying which made PC users feel like geeks. My role was as a designer and I worked with a massive team of people to roll this out which still stands up as one of my best learning experiences. Also, I’m still trying to catch up on my sleep.

When Crispin Porter + Bogusky was launching the Life Without Walls campaign for Windows, we needed a fresh online look to go with it. This involved a redesign of the homepage of as well as creating an online style guide for future projects. I was involved in the team early on and was able to work on the high level design early on. The homepage that I worked on with Nuno Ferreira and Jason Marks went live with the Gates & Seinfeld ads that aired in 2008.

After the initial launch, I continued working with the design language we developed which featured flat color and keylines. The goal was to convey a sense of sophistication while bringing in a bit of style. This was used in multiple campaigns afterwards and can be still be seen in examples such as the new WIndows 7 mobile OS.

windows1Original homepage launch featuring a curved carousel



imapc1Campaign introduction. Design continues the curved carousel from the homepage
imapc2Upload your photo to add yourself to the wall of PCs
imapc3Sign your life away
imapc4And… you’re in! Style Guide

An on-going document which served as an internal branding guide to keep consistent look & feel across all of the Windows projects we were involved in. This also included standard implementations such as Flash & Silverlight animations for preloaders and various buttons.

windows3_2Title page
windows3Table of contents
windows7Buttons & Links
windows8Using the Keyline
windows10Main Stage aka Carousel
windows11Campaign Landing Environment
windows12Brand Landing Environment


  • Categories: Design
  • Client: Microsoft
  • Launch Date: 20009
  • Agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky