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Colored pencil drawings

At 16 I started exhibiting finished colored pencil works in galleries and entering in various art competitions. My first piece was a drawing of a dogwood branch with some interesting lighting which 1st place in a local art competition. I continued afterwards drawing in colored pencil and entering art shows earning enough in scholarships and prize money to pay my first 2 years of art school.



Various_1“Breeze”, Colored Pencil
Various_3“Jessie”, Colored Pencil
Various_4“The Carver”, Colored Pencil
Various_5“Monday Morning (Self Portrait)”, Colored Pencil
Various_6“Morning Light”, Colored Pencil
Various_7“Change”, Colored Pencil
Various_8“Leopard”, Colored Pencil
Various_9“Candlelight”, Colored Pencil
Various_10“Guitar Still Life”, Colored Pencil
Various_11“Scarecrow”, Colored Pencil
Various_2“Old Man w/ Pipe”, Pencil



Various_12“Panoz”, Acrylic
Various_13“Skateboarder”, Acrylic


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