NIVEA: Advent Calendar

An entertaining mobile Advent Calendar with daily activities involving a variety of mobile functions with the main goal of winning a grand prize, such as a tropical island getaway.


The aesthetic style was based on an abstraction of traditional Christmas quilts brought into the NIVEA color scheme. Stylized 3d elements were used to create daily activities where users could win a daily prize or potentially the grand prize at the end.

My role was as lead designer where I created the general look & feel as well as the guidelines in the handoff for the production company.


00-A-TitlePageTitle page
04-Dashboard_19-CompleteDay 20 – Calendar view
05-DayExplanation_01_01Day 1 – Activity intro
05-DayExplanation_01_02Day 1 – Activity instruction
06-DayPlay_05_01-FrostedwindowActivity: Wipe the frost away to reveal a nice toasty fireplace
06-DayPlay_12_02-SnowShovelActivity: Shovel the snow off the steps
06-DayPlay_BACKGROUND_01Background style 1
06-DayPlay_BACKGROUND_03Background style 2
06-DayPlay_BACKGROUND_04Background style 3
G-Backgrounds-StarBackground style 4


  • Categories: Art Direction / Design / Mobile
  • Client: NIVEA
  • Project Launch: Dec 01, 2013
  • FWA Mobile of the Day: Dec 21, 2013
  • Creative Director: James Yeats Smith
  • Art Director: Roger Leebody
  • Copywriter: Gillian Glendinning
  • Producer: Jo Kelly