Nissan: #Genius-0

Nissan: #Genius

To kick off their Champions League sponsorship, the #genius campaign connected Nissan’s innovation to Football by showing the science behind the best goals each week. Fans could interact with the brand through data visualizations of each goal.


The Formula

We collected the data associated to a goal into 3 variables measuring excitement, tension, and difficulty. All together, it resulted in what we called #genius. Our rallying cry over social media for celebrating these moments.



Data visualization

There’s no linear score for genius. So we decided to visualize it in an abstract way, highlighting what was unique about a goal. The color scheme would match the offensive team to help make each visual even more unique. Below is an example of a goal by Barcelona right at the end of the game.

datapointsExcitement impacts number of polygons, tension impacts inward points, and difficulty impacts outward points.


Barca_Timed-for-Animatic_1Example final result



From Nissan’s website, you could scroll the top 5 goals of the week and vote on the most #genius for a chance to win tickets to a Champions League match.


Key visual

To promote the campaign I worked with a team of designers to produce a key visual which would connect the idea of the data visualization to the game. This was used for print, digital billboards, banner ads, and various other traffic drivers.



  • Categories: Art Direction / Concept / Design / Mobile
  • Agency: TBWA/United State of Fans
  • Role: Creative lead