In Motion-0

In Motion

A series of drawings showing movement through the use of repetition and lines. I photographed friends of mine with multiple exposure and used it as a base to work from. Part of the series I began in Amsterdam and then finished while at a month long stay at the Takt artist residency in Berlin.


inmotion_silje_1024x“Silje Egyptian”, White Colored Pencil
inmotion_jonathan_1024x“Jonathan”, White Colored Pencil
inmotion_kyogo_768x“Kyougo”, White Colored Pencil
inmotion_lea_1024x“Leah”, White & Blue Colored Pencil
inmotion_maya_1024x“Maya”, White Colored Pencil
inmotion_mia_1024x“Mia”, Black Colored Pencil


Exhibition at Sid Lee

Sid Lee Amsterdam asked me to show my work in 2013 in their gallery space. They framed the pieces and kept it on the walls for around half the year.

sl_show_1Gallery room
sl_show_2Taking a break after hanging frames all day


Trend Diary 2014

My drawing of Silje was asked to be included in the lovely designed EIGA Trend Diary for 2014. There’s a lot of great work in the book so I was quite happy to be a part of it.


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  • Categories: Illustration
  • Completion: October 2012