Online video can be overwhelming to keep up with. If you want to watch something great, you also have to watch loads of things that aren’t so great. Autoplay lets you channel surf the internet’s best new videos. No clutter, just the good stuff.


Pick a channel based on your mood and you’ll find yourself in a stream of fresh videos. We currently have 9 channels based on key genres which bring in content from a wide range of sources.


The site launched in October 2015 and is an ongoing project with lots more to come. It’s maintained through a custom backend which automatically scrapes for videos on youtube, vimeo, twitter, and various blogs. We also manually curate the channels daily to keep them fresh.


the_gridScrolled down on the homepage video grid
Video-playbackPlaying a video in channel “The Box”
Channel-surfingDragging anywhere lets you surf channels
Channel-selectorClicking the ident in the top left gives you an overview of all channels


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  • Technical: Antti Kuplia