Adidas: World Cup Infographics-0

Adidas: World Cup Infographics

At 180/Riot Amsterdam I was briefed to make a series of infographics on the 2010 Fifa World Cup for Adidas. I created the concepts for the graphics, did a majority of the research from, and did all of the design work. To help promote the series, I created a website called World Cup for Nerds.


wcinfographics2_700xTop scoring boot
wcinfographics3_700xInternet use during the world cup
wcinfographics4_700xLanguage analysis of “football” vs “soccer”
wcinfographics8_700xHeatmap of where penalties hit the net
wcinfographics5_700xMost expensive players
wcinfographics6_700xEffects of altitude on performance
wcinfographics7_700xWhat it takes for a player to score a goal
wcinfographics9_700xWho are the loudest fans?
wc2010_ig_issue13_v1.1Where the teams spend the most time on the field


  • Categories: Concept / Design
  • Client: Adidas
  • Agency: 180 Amsterdam