Adidas: Represent

The previous Originals campaign (White Space Project) for women’s was focused on enabling creatives and giving them a platform to showcase their work. Building on this strategy, we created a campaign to boost creativity around the world. Instead of featuring individuals, we searched for the most interesting crews of creators and gave them a stage.


I worked as the designer to come up with an aesthetic for the campaign. Since the White Space Project had a hand drawn feel, I wanted to continue it. To give each crew an individual feeling we hoped to created individual crests using hand drawn geometric shapes but would have been out of scope. We took this as an inspiration for the rest of the campaign though and applied the style to the homepage as well as introduction video. One of the crews in Berlin even used the aesthetic to influence their mural in Kreuzberg.


Wrap-up Film

The video in the masthead was an internal case study where I worked with Woodwork (a production company in Amsterdam) to edit together existing footage of crews to highlight what the campaign was about. The video wasn’t seeded official due to legal reasons unfortunately but contains some great shots nonetheless, especially the berlin mural (my fav).


Intro Film

I worked with Henrik & Sofia (creative team on the project) to come up with some motion graphics for the launch video. This continued the hand-drawn geometric shapes and synced it up with the video.

Seeding video used to spread the launch of the campaign


Style Frames

originals-fbcoverupdate-illustrationbrief-8Base of the hand-drawn geometric style
originals-fbcoverupdate-illustrationbrief-9Motion graphics – option 1
originals-fbcoverupdate-illustrationbrief-10Motion graphics – option 2
originals-fbcoverupdate-illustrationbrief-11Motion graphics – option 3
originals-fbcoverupdate-illustrationbrief-12Motion graphics – option 4



To help find the best crews we asked people to upload videos, images, audio and articles describing who they were. The best of the contestants were featured in short films created by the local market.

ofw12_03Mock-up of a crew page after filling in their data
  • Categories: Art Direction / Design
  • Client: Adidas
  • Agency: Sid Lee