Absolut: Transform Today

In order to re-launch the Absolut Brand and move on from the bottle art they’d been running since the beginning of advertising, we pitched the idea of Transform Today. It was a celebration on their heritage as a brand fueling creative collaboration. The idea involved featuring 4 artists who were transformative in their way of thinking.



At SID LEE Amsterdam I designed a re-skin of Absolut.com for the Transform Today campaign launch. The aesthetic was based on the concept animatic I worked on for the pitch which was primarily black and used a highly minimal and visual approach to navigation. The homepage featured a launch video and introduced the 4 artists who would be leading the campaign.

absolut1_1024xHomepage with video loop masthead and carousel
absolut2_1024x Homepage expanded masthead with active share overlay
absolut3_1024xHomepage expanded masthead end-frame


Absolut.com Interactive Masthead

The original idea for the homepage was to create an interactive series of looped video which you could choose your way through. I created an animatic to show the concept as well as how we could play with swipe/drag gestures and typography.

Concept animatic for masthead, created using Adobe After Effects



Each artist was featured in a short film depicting what they create and what makes them tick. A section of the site became the landing page for watching the films and getting more in-depth content to continue their story. Additional video was taken at the sets as well as longer interviews which was turned into interactive content.

absolut4_1024xCollaborations Landing Page
absolut5_1024xExpanded content



One of the artists featured in the campaign was the musician Woodkid. We were unable to capture additional content to extend his story and were required to work with 4 articles by journalists. So we decided to make the best of it and visualize the stories and create interactive content with the visuals by making it multi-layered.


Ocean of Tracks

Each article had a key phrase I took out to base the style of the visuals which were spread over 12 pages. On the first piece I worked on, I liked a section describing an “ocean of tracks”. I wanted to have each page flow together and decided to use lines to create a feel of seamless transitions.

absolut6_900xPage 9
absolut7_900xPage 11
absolut8_900xPage 12


From Collectors to Connectors

This article was discussing nostalgia and technology in music. I decided to source imagery of old electronics and scenes from Wiki Commons to back up the story.

absolut9_900xPage 4
absolut11_900xPage 9
absolut10_900xPage 10


Past Forward

This article was focused on the retro trend, so I wanted to make it feel like an old school album cover.

absolut12_900xPage 1
absolut13_900xPage 2
absolut14_900xPage 3


DIY Generation

Since the main theme was imagination and DIY, I aimed at creating something like M.C. Escher’s sketchpad.

absolut15_900xPage 2
absolut16_900xPage 6
absolut17_900xPage 10
  • Categories: Art Direction / Design / Illustration
  • Client: Absolut Vodka
  • URL: http://absolut.com/us/collaborations/
  • Creative Director: Jasmine Loignon
  • Producer: Jean-Patrick Bouchet
  • Developer: Owen Van Dijk
  • Developer: Bastian Roden
  • Copywriter: Edouard Olhagaray
  • Art Director: Sebastian Partika
  • ACD: Gill Glendinning
  • ACD: Roger Leebody